Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello girls!  I hope all is going well in your life!  I had an audition last saturday at school and I dressed up for the part.  Unfortunately I took my heels off when these pics were being snapped of me and they were super cute shoes by Franco Sarto from Macy's, and I haven't yet let you guys see them!  But i will!!!  PROMISE!  Anywhooo!...I got this super cute dress from DOTS.  Which is like a Rainbow with a plus size section, very trendy, very cheap,  and sometimes the clothes don't last very long.  I wandered in there with one of my skinny girl friends and came across this classic little number and I must say I think they're coming up in the construction of their clothes.  Its a classic piece and it will always be great for auditions or church and you could dress it up to go out on the town with it or wear it to school.  When I saw it i was so impressed and even more being that it fit so cute.  So hooray for Dots!  I hope you like it!

Tights-Lane Bryant
Shoes-Franco Sarto (not shown)
Earrings-street vendor
Necklace-gift from my mom (her heart so I wear it for luck and security)


Anonymous said...

i never really go into the dots store by me, but a few months ago, i stopped in, and they did have really nice dresses there. i bought two of 'em, but i definitely wanted more!

yours looks great on ya!

xclusiveplay said...

thx Jill, all these stores are getting trendier and having better cut clothes for us big gals!

LaCara said...

You look great! I only recently heard of Dots, they look like they have some nice stuff :)

xclusiveplay said...

hi LaCara! There like a trend store, any style thats out you can find for very little money so i love that! I also think their quality has improved from the past!