Friday, April 16, 2010

Sing! Its Spring!

Last week me and the rest of the Musical Theatre Department had to sing for our spring mid-term like recital!  It was such a nice day (compared to the sucky weather now) so I decided to wear this super cute floral dress I got from Torrid that I was dying to wear.  It did come with a belt but I removed it while I was singing I just wanted a plain look. I paired it with some clear gladiators I had for a while that I got at They got all the styles and brands for cheap.  They're big in Philly and the Baltimore/D.C. area, but you can access them out online.  I strongly recommend their site!  I wish i took better pictures but i only got the ones my friend snapped of me.  I'm sure I'll be wearing this again so I will do it better justice!  Hope you likey!!!


Anonymous said...

very cute dress!

LaCara said...

You look amazing! I really love the dress! <3

xclusiveplay said...

thanks guys, i appreciate it!

LaCara said...

No problem my love :)
Can you check out my blog? :D