Friday, April 23, 2010

All things Plus!

There's been a lot of exciting things going on in the plus size world this week and I thought I do a post to recap and talk about it! 

First Gabby, from the #1 plus size fashion blog  revealed her last week teaser that was definitely worth the wait.  She will be hosting the first ever plus size fashion blogger conference!!!  Which is so exciting considering there's many events like this for straight size bloggers all the time.  It gives us a chance to mingle and meet face to face and of course discuss fashion.  I think I will definitely attend this event as seeing I live right across the water in Jersey, and you guys should check out the  details too!  Go over to Gabby's blog and get all the info to RSVP, this is a historic event.

Second, Lane Bryant released a "CONTROVERSIAL" commercial featuring model I believe Ashley Graham.  She's strutting her stuff in Lane Bryant's gorgeous Cacique Intimates line.  A leader in plus size women's intimates for a long time.  Lane Bryant is claiming not getting the air time promised to them from ABC and Fox that displays Victoria's Secret line regularly.  Which is actually stiring up a lot of talk.  Much needed if you ask me, because its not really that big of a deal.  You can see the video here tell me what you think.  Is it too racey?  Too Jiggly?  Too...FAT?  Why can't a big girl work it?

Third,  Z Cavaricci jeans have returned to Torrid an absolute favorite jean of mine for a long time.  I can remember in the winter months going to Torrid and having a conversation with one of the managers about "WTF happen to Z Cavaricci?"  She said that they are coming back for the spring but here's the catch!  TORRID owns them now!!!  As told to me from the reliable source of store manager!  Which for me means they have the TORRID brand fit!  A fit that doesn't work for me or my hips or butt and for other women I speak to.  I have tried on the new Z. Cavaricci's and I was not impressed.  Now they have a  Z. Cavaricci Couture line, you can find it here Torrid  there are some cute things but I'm skeptical because its not the Z. Cavaricci's I once feel inlove with.  Here's a grey jersey chiffon top from the collection that I do love!

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