Friday, April 9, 2010

Fat in NY

Last weekend, me and one of my bff's, hooked up with another close friend that was in town visiting her family.  We caught the train into NY from NJ and went on our mission to have good food, find good deals and have a good time  Even though, people are supposedly their biggest now in American history.  I was pissed to walk past stores in the village only to find signs in front of the stores that say, "Only sizes xs-L, Thankyou!!!"  Excuse me, but isn't that like a modern day segregation?  You might as well have a sign that saids, "No Fats Allowed"!  A sign like that already deturs you frrom entering a store for fear of looking like a fool or being singled out!  I tell you as far as you think the plus size generation has come, there are still signs for dire improvement everywhere.

What I wore::::::::::

Jean shirt dress-Torrid
Boots-Madden Girl
Scarf-Mark (Marshalls)
Coat-Old navy
Bag-Chocolate City

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