Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I just recently got casted in a play that will open in Jersey City in late Febuary/early March!  I am very excited!  I get to do it with one of my close friends and fellow curvy chic Melrose!  Tuesday was the first rehearsal and got a cutie to snag these photos of me before I walked out the door!  Excuse my apartment its a mess!  School starts Monday, I'm going to clean it by then!  It's also suppose to snow all night and day, so the only thing to do in that is clean!

Hope your enjoying your wonderful selves!

PS:  I've been doing really good with wearing more make-up thus far this year!  It's turning into grown up fun!

Jacket-Lane Bryant (super old)
Bag-Fashion to Figure
Necklace-Street Vendor


Anonymous said...

LOVE the purse.. very rock n roll!

xo, JIll

Style4Curves said...

love the look!