Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lately...& Good NEWS!!!

I use to try and do a post every month called "Lately" to show my followers what I've been up to lately, what I've been into, and what's going on in the world of pop-culture and fashion.  So I figured I try and start it up again for 2012.  Here it goes...

1)  Lately...I've been keeping up with my New Year's resolution of wearing more make-up. With my quest in trying to achieve a complete head to toe L00K!  I've been surprisingly successful!
For just $1.50 you can pick up this cream blush from Forever21 in different hues of pink!  I like the CORAL looking one!  And for the price of $1.50 I wasn't scared to try it out!  You can find it in their Love and Beauty section over at!

2)  I've gotten casted in a play.  It's a African American play about 6 women and the hats they wear to church.  It's going up on it's feet at the end of February/early March and I'm already very proud of it.  Here's a pic of the book it was adapted from!

3)  These shoes I got a REALLY good deal on at Aereosoles in Manhattan.  Originally $79.99, but I scored them for $39.95!  Did I mention they're leopard?  I haven't styled them yet, but don't you fret, soon it will be done!

4)  I'm also really digging these NYC street vendors.  I've been buying lots of worth it buys from them Lately!  Like these geek glasses!  I didn't know how I felt about jumping on the band wagon with this trend; especially since I really do wear glasses!  But these were so Dope!  And if I could put my prescription in them I would.  And I think I might do something like that very soon!

5)  I am just addicted to my Ipod touch and Instagram!  I'm officially switching over to all apple products in 2012, which will probably help the blog run a bit smoother!  Anyways...check out the pics of me and my talented good friend Liam on one of our outings in NYC!  All through the eyes of instagram.

2 fly-Ass Nerds!!!

6)  I've been waiting to tell you guys some exciting news.  Now that it's official I am can announce that I am a contributing writer for online plus size magazine, MANIK MAG!  Stay tuned for the launch of the new voice of plus size fashion and all things pertaining to big/curvy women.  You won't be disappointed!  Here is a link to their blog in the meantime  while we eagerly await the magazine's launch!!!!!  :D  I am all smiles and soooooo excited! 

Stay tuned guys!  2012 is our year!

Thanks 4 reading!


BKDolceVita said...

Those glasses look really great on you! Congrats on landing a role the play. Break a leg :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - the glasses looks good on you!
The leopard shoes are super cute! And congrats is also in order. Good luck!

Style4Curves said...

Cute and congrats!!

Sabrina said...

beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!!

thickspot said...

Thanks guys 4 all the kind compliments and hello to my new followers! Thank U!

Tesa said...

nice blog!

Anca Tudorache said...

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