Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This past Sunday I was where boys kiss boys, girls kiss girls, and the trannys shut it down!  I'm talking Pride baby!  A historical pride at that, being New York has passed the ammendment that gays can legally marry!  People were celebrating all weekend, but when me and my friends tried to get off the Christopher st, NJ PATH stop and couldn't we knew right then and there, that this was going to be Epic!  And Epic it was.  Crowded, and sticky like any other summer New York day, but everywhere u looked there was a rainbow!  Promising us all that our civil rights will be upheld and respected.  Glitter, dancing, body paint and same sex make out sessions wasn't too far around the corner.  My cousin overwhelmed with joy cried!  And my little queer friend Jess made out with guys and girls all over the Village!  I just sat back enjoyed it all, took pics, and documented this historic event to share with my readers!  Enjoy and WERK!


gay priest, a church that welcomes all during the parade!
boys kissing boys!
Washington Sq Park after the Parade!

I dunno!  LOL

Jessica wanted to jump in the Fountain with the girls!!!  LOL

She jumped in with her sneakers, this is her afterwards!
smiles all day!

At St. Marks sq, theres this cube, if u get enough people on all sides u can turn it!
getting dark
Jess & Susan!

So after it got dark and we walked all around the village!  Had Falafel and Pomme Frites!  It was time to take the NJ Path, back to good ol' Jersey City!  We were pooped!


All in all it was a real DOPE day!  I hope U liked this post!
Top-Asos Curve
Bag-Street Vendor
Rings-Street Venders/H&M/Re/dress Nyc
Headband-Originally belt from the Torrid Shorts just used it as a headband!

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SheDel said...

WHOHOO!! for Gay pride! I went to Pride in Durham and it was some of the most fun I've EVER had. I'm loving your top!! Now following :)

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