Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cheap and classic

Hello all!  I wanted to show u guys a great find that i found this week at ross it was only $9.99 and it has a real classic feeling to it, so i figured it could be timeless!  Not a skirt and a plain white collar shirt ( but thats a great way and the usual way to get this look ) Insted this is a dress with a  nice belt and i couldnt help myself.  I think i will wear it to an audition or church or something important that i have to look nice and together for!  The picture of me in it, i snapped in the dressing room, just wanted again to stress that u can find cute plus items that are very affordable you just have to look!  Great fabric and cut and everything, which i think is very important!

1 comment:

Tuere said...

Love it! Did you pick one up for me?

And the 'do was looking fab, girl!