Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Interview with Ms. Coko

Interview Questions

1) First I want to thank u for being my first interview for my blog! Can you tell us how you first got started in the modeling business? And what type of Modeling you do?

Answer: Yr. 2007 I decided after a very bad break up, I wanted to change things up a little. I received info about one of the number 1 model web sites, and decided to create a model profile that lead me to getting on a couple photo shoots. After being photographed so lovely, other photographers wanted to work with me. From there I became properly and my aspiring model career took off from there. I do ALL types of modeling, and not just into one type of look.

2) You reside in Georgia right? What part? How is that area for plus size fashion?
Does it offer a lot of variety for you and your bigger sisters who are fashionistas?

Answer: Yes. College Park GA. Big ups to zone 3 baby! That's funny that you asked me that question. Atlanta period has a very large rate for plus sized models. It's quit a few of fashion designers here that caters to plus size, and lots of plus sized fashion shows goes down here in the A town.

3) Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Answer: I enjoy the mall a lot. Now that I'm near 200 pounds lighter, I go inside other stores that don’t consist of all plus sized clothing. One of my favorite spots is Ashley Stewart. I also enjoy wearing local fashion designers clothing, I've sort of into that as well.

4) What size are u? Do u find it hard to find clothes in the styles that you want in your size?

Answer: I'm 16-18. Not anymore. Last yr 2008 was a very hard time in my life. I weigh in @ 389 pounds, today I weigh in @ 230 pounds and still going hard in weight loss.

5) How would you describe your personal style?

Answer: I'm a straight up diva! ;) I have the type of mind frame that goes so far beyond. I do not allow anyone to make me feel like I'm not sexy, because I feel I put the S back into s-e-x-y ... folks do not know what sexy is anymore. Sexy goes beyond the outside look of a woman. Sexy is smart, indep, and knowing where you're going in your life.

6) Who is your favorite Style Icon?

Answer: Giggles. I enjoy many and it's sort of hard to answer. However, I will say this... Mo'Nique is a great dresser and I fall into her feet steps.

7) What fashion trends is your loving right now?

Answer: I have to give credits to these up and coming local fashion designers... man they grind so hard in this industry, and the funniest thing about it is... they designs are better than some of the well known trends already out. lol Just being real.

8) What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

Answer: Shoes. I enjoy heels.

9) How far do you think plus size fashion has come in your lifetime?

Answer: I feel like plus size fashion has always been in. You know when you're walking somewhere in public, and you would have the skinny chicks to say oh that's so pretty what she has on then asks you where did you get it from. That goes way back. I use to get that a lot when I was super size. Current today. Plus size fashion has change because they consider size 8 and up plus sized in some states. Crazy huh.

10) What’s your favorite color?

Answer: Pink.

11) If you could pick any persons closet in the whole world to shop in…who would it be?

Answer. More than likely Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah

12) What’s up next for you?

Answer. I am getting back involved in acting. I use to do it all the time back in high school. Modeling of course, and keeping my mark on the internet as one of the sexiest plus sized models/ entertainers.

13) What advice would you give to aspiring plus size models? Any tips?

Answer. Just be yourself in this game. If you consider changing, do it for you. Do not worry when the paid gigs do not come as quick as you expect. Stay close to good photographers, and also put yourself out there on the best of the best well known model sites. Be very alert and ask lots of questions when someone contacts you. Do not forget to ask for references, that's so very important and network everyday if possible.

14) Please stop back and keep us in tune to your career and please join our blog! Thank you!

Thank you.

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