Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My week in Performance

Not everything on this blog is about fashion.  I mean its about my... life!  And as much as I love clothes, and shoes, and make up, and purses, I really, really LOVE theatre! 

My first love has always been theatre.  And many of you know I sing and act and perform.  And being a big girl on stage is just as much of a challenge as being a big girl in everyday life.  No pitty party here, just being real.  People are more offended by my fat and YOUR fat than I am.  And when it is center stage people may feel uncomfortable.  The costume designer is busy trying to find something to make you feel comfortable, to make the director feel comfortable and the audience.  This has always been the case for me being on stage since I can remember.  So this past week I was in CABARET the musical as a dancer (go figure) and it was a lot of fun.  The costume of course as I said was challenging.  My costume consisted of a pair of leggings from TORRID, a black sequin shirt from TORRID and my own K-MART LOVE YOUR STYLE shorts from their very first season.  Not to mention the SPANXX!  The costume designer added some sequins and fringe to the shorts.


I also performed in CONNETICUT with the UNITY ENSEMBLE here on Campus as NJCU!  Our usual attire is all black with our on African flare.  I wore DKNY pants from Lane Bryant and a blouse from H&M!


However, coming up I have this scholarship benefit concert here at NJCU that the head of the department asked me to be a part of, and its turning into something bigger than I originally though.  I am in search for a gown.  Like OPERA/DIVA style.  And that is something I am not use to shopping for.  This should be interesting.  The last picture is a pic of my friend Richard staring at my poster.

Hope u enjoy, there will be a fashion post soon!


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