Friday, June 1, 2012

1st day of SUMMER! All I really wanted!

This past week has been shitty!  Truly shitty to say the least.  But like the seasons change I too must go on!  To awaken the real ME, I got myself together and went out with my beloved Liam on one of our minnie adventures.  When U're down in the dumps all there is to do is to pray, hang tight with your close friends, and throw on something that makes u happy!  This shirt or Blouse is old, probably a couple summers old.  I believe I wore it in my earlier years of my blog.  And I don't really do too many flowers, but this is top is cute.  Pale, pastel that will be "IN" every summer allowing the sun to hit it ever so nicely.  My favorite shorts from last summer from TORRID, and my new FABULOUS sandals from K-MART!  The gems u find there are amazing!  Don't sleep on K-Mart!  If u follow me on INSTAGRAM than U probably have already seen a few of these pics!  And if u don't, come and check out (((thickspot)))... follow me!  I post up there far more regular than the blog!  :(

                                                            Me and Liam's hats and wallets!

                                                 I wanted my blue polka dot bra to show!

                                                               Necklaces-Torrid, F21 
                                                                       Wallet- Dots                                                         

I'm performing tonight in Jersey City for a cty wide event called JC fridays.  A little singing and some poetry, so this should get my mind off things and it should be a blast!  Hope u are all having a wonderful day.  Enjoying our first full day of summer.  NJ comes alive this time a year, I absolutely love it and I will be singing and partying all night!  Like the artist that I am.

Live you life to the fullest and don't let people destroy your dreams!


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Gemma D said...

Lovely blouse, it's so pretty! I love that black and white purse too xx