Monday, March 12, 2012

OOTD: MY Prof. book a job look!

In the last week I drove down to Chattanooga Tennessee with my Mother and Sister to the South Eastern Theatre Conference to audition for over 200 professional theatre companies in hopes of scoring work for the summer.  There were tons of workshops going on up until the day of the big audition, a lot of people to meet and of course a lot of yummy food to eat in Chattanooga!  This post will only cover one of the outfits I wore on one of the days I was attending different acting and the business of business workshops.  I had on a few really cute looks that of course I never took pictures of, but this one did make the cut and got a nice photo shoot out of it!  I've been actually wearing this Asos skirt with lace for a while when I bought it this past winter, but I finally snapped some pics in it!

The next post will be all about Chattanooga with more pics, I just have to get them all together first!
Hope you like it and I am on spring break this week, so I actually had 2 weeks off!  Lucky me!  I'm going to try to do some interesting things for the blog this week!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been busy!


Me and my Sister!

Shirt-Lane Bryant
Skirt-Asos Curve
Shoes-Lane Bryant ($12)
Necklace-street vendor NYC, Forever21

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Gemma D said...

I do indeed follow you! I love your style too, this shirt is lovely especially. Yes Primark is amazingly cheap! And has great stuff too! x