Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Saturday the 18th, I finally got to wear two items from my favorite online store, Asos.  I had this black dress for a while and as far as the skirt I bought it when it went on sale during it's winter clearance. (both items are gone now) 

My school was holding the NATS competition. (National Association of Teacher's Singing)    I was entered into the Musical Theatre Competition and I had the opportunity to change into a different outfit so I was like ok cool!  I bought the two outfits and at first I was like 4get it I'm not gonna change, everyone sounded sooo good and the day was getting longer and longer.  Especially considering I woke up at 7:00am, which is NOT a common thing over at mi casa!  But my darling, darling friend and fellow singer, Liam persuaded me to change.  He said, "if not for the competition than for Whitney!"  (LOL we are so crazy, we had to do the competition but wanted to go to NEWARK for the funeral)  So we did and headed over to the auditorium waiting for the results of the competition.  The first place winner's of each division had to be ready to sing right then and there.  And after waiting all day I was in complete total shock when they announced my name and that I won the Musical Theatre Division!!!  (I also never ran in heels before either and ran all the way up to the podium to receive my award.)  Talk about cloud 9!

It wasn't until this year that they even offered the Musical Theatre division.  So I'm kinda like the first to win it ever!!!  That's really cool!  I'm real grateful and figured I share it on my blog, along with some pics of the day!


I Kinda feel un-creative for wearing outfit#2 the same way it was online, but I had both pieces at different times and wanted to make something work!  Hope its not corny, there will be other ways to style this in the near future!

 outfit #1
Shoes-Lane Bryant
Necklace-Forever21 & Street Vendor
Braclets-Ashley Stewart

Body Suit-Asos
Shoes-Lane Bryant
Accessories-the same


Gemma D said...

Love both of these outfits. Especially the second one, I love that skirt! x

REBEQUITA ROSE (XL Fashion Blogger) said...

I ordered that black and gold skirt from ASOS, from their sale after seeing it on a few blogs and really liking it. When it came, it was a bit too small and I just didn't think it was very nice at all. SUCH a disappointment! Then I come to your blog and I like it on you!! Maybe its just a really photogenic skirt? The only reason I haven't mailed it back is because the postage cost isn't worth it...

Anonymous said...

you look absolutely gorgeous! love the second look!

p.s. congrats on winning too :)

xo, Jill

Shanice Wynter said...

Love the second outfit.


Shanice ♥

don't hesitate to visit my blog www.shanicexoxo.info and hopefully subscribe.

CeCe said...

This looks great on you! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and leaving comments :)

GiddyUpGirlz said...

I thought about that skirt when it went on sale but didn't get it. Kicking myself! I love it on you and wish I'd have bought it....grr