Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lately: DO u like my nails???

Lately I've be dabbling in these funky nail decals!  I do love getting my nails done, but I don't always have the time or money.  I'm also don't do such a hot job of painting my nails myself.  So I've been wanting to try some of those nail decals out and in the past month or so I have experimented with 3 different kinds by Sally Henson from Walgreens!  My first attempt wasn't the best, but by now I'm like a pro!  Now I can do nails.  Now I can have funky, cool, fresh designs without having to dish out money I don't have.  You may have seen some of these nails in some of the recent post, but this post is all about them.

This was the first attempt!

Here was the second time around.  By now I got the hang of it!

By this time around I was a pro!  This is the one I was rocking up until opening night of my play.  I had to take it off for the production because it didn't go with the time period or character.  By this attempt I had many compliments, asking me where do I get my nails done and after letting my NOT so Secret, secret out.  Some of my friends and classmates have come up to me showing me they too have tried out the decals!  Hey it's better than Press-on's!


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Rachel said...

Awesome! I'll have to try some now! :)