Friday, July 9, 2010

Wing it!

2day was a little cooler and I could wear something a little more flowy!  I had this shirt from H&M's Garden Collection for a few months now!  Just never really had a reason, or thought it wasn't appropiate or just really didn't know how to style it.  But like most outfits I wear, it just happened that day!!!  Like, the leggings have always been there and the shirt...but it wasn't until today that it made sense!  So I hooked it up!  And I loved it!!!  I was like, "Wow, why haven't I worn this before?"  The shirt has long wings, more than bell shape.  Just more romantic and soft.  This is the kind of  look that make u feel so girly.  Not to mention that Pale - Pastel - Pink!  I love this shirt even more now.  After I saw how the light hit it.  The camera seem to like it too!  My friend, Hope took the pictures for me...I hope u like it!  I adore being pretty in pink :)!

Shirt-H&M (Garden Collection)
Leggings-Old Navy
Charm Necklace-Forever21


Moya2bean said...

beautiful shirt! I love the whole look. I love the fact your not ashamed of ur awesome curves!

Weesha said...

oh the sleeves are fab and those shoes are super cute!