Saturday, March 27, 2010

Emracing my Fatness and Creativeness

Being a creative person, I have many outlets to let my artistic expressions flow. Blogging is one of those outlets and an intimate vehicle. With pictures of yourself and insightful opinions my followers not only get a dose of inspiration but a hint of my personality and what I hold near and dear. I’m into music but I always knew that fashion was also up there on my high interest level. Maybe because my size was such a big obstacle by itself, made clothes and the hunt and find all the more thrilling due to the limited options made available growing up. After a bad break-up and a tearing down of my walls only to build myself back-up, I have in the recent years taken chances on looks and shapes that before in my life were scary wishes. Now big girls have such a strong variety offered to them that our individuality and self-confidence is breaking through, from their outer appearance. What was usually hidden under baggy jeans and over sized shirts or dresses that are a little to “mature” for our taste. (Let’s face it, “I’m too youthful to wear a moo-moo) that’s when I had to look into the mirror to finally Embrace my fatness and inspire a thicker culture. And for me instead of being envious of other women and owning up to the idea that we are all to caddy to get a long, now I give compliments and ask where they purchased their cute pieces. I love women sticking out for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. Although, I have a long way to go my style is evolving along with me to constantly challenge myself and try new things. Now my clothing collection has become another artistic endeavor right along with my poetry, songs, music, or acting. Blogging can be a form of being on stage so I wanna take my bow to symbolically thank you for listening, staying connected, and owning every curve. God Bless U! And Embrace all the quirking things that inevitably make you special!

O yea!  I love Old Navy's graphic tees!  Now they have different bands and stuff!  Here's my Duran Duran one!  Love it!

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