Monday, May 20, 2013

Color and Pattern

I'm not gonna lie I love black.  It makes me feel comfortable and always in, because contrary to popular belief it will never go out!  But when I had a performance at school for R&B Pop/Ensemble the teacher/band leader said, "Samille wear color, you always wear black"!  I was like, "EEK...GAD", he noticed?  That means they all notice so I was like okay, okay!  I will!  I had this Fuscia cut-out racer back button up from Forever21 for a while and then after I bought it I thought, ITS NOT ME!!!  Cut outs?  I don't know if I could say I am that comfortable wearing something like that!  But I must have bought it for a reason.  So the  thought came to me that the color mixed with these pattern tights from Torrid, could work.  So off I went.  I tried to pair my lipstick to match.  I think I did a okay job.  Not a full blown Make-up-ista, but it was decent!

boots-steve madden

I hope you like it and the interactive pictures!


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