Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Weekender!!! The outfit!

Hey guys!  Thanks for still checking in!  I was just Chill-Axing this weekend and wanted to share my no stress, kick around outfit.  Nothing too special, but I actually get a lot of compliments on this top I picked up from Torrid, so what do you think.  Green has been a popular color on here as of late.  And even tho I love my Uggs more than anything, I stay getting a pedicure because I'm dying for my toes to come out and play!!!  They are getting real ansy.  But its still a lil cool here in the Tri-state but the clocks are being set back, or up, I never really know.  Either way Spring save me!!!

Really wanna send some Love over to Japan!!!!  Really keeping them in my prayers!  <3

I hope you all had a bomb weekend!!!  XOXOXO~SAMILLE

Jeggings-Lane Bryant
Silver hoops-Dots

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