Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Have A Happy Hump Day!

Hello there beautiful people.  I'm back with record timing!  Its been a pretty fierce winter out here in the Tri-State area.  I've been braving the winter armed with the best Christmas gift a Aunt could ever get you.  A duffle coat by Guess from Macy's!!!  I love this coat.  Super warm, stylish, even skinny girls want the skinny on wear I got it.  But underneath it all is my plaid tunic from Evans.  I've had this piece for some time now, just never had anyone around to snap some pics of me in it.  I think this is more of a dressed down look, but in the winter that's kind of my thing.  During this season I look for the 3 C's!!!  Cute, comfortable and cozy!!!  I think this look did it!  I was drawn to the tunic because it had a warm, relaxed yet stylish feel.  And for the GA-ZILLION of these shirts parading down the streets worldwide, it was only at Evans that I could find one with such a color and print.  I hope u likey!!!!!   :)

O Yea!  Please tell me you love this on the shoulder messanger bag!!!  I can fit my life in there, I love the color its good with like any season and its super cute!  And it was only $10!!!!

Necklace- Old Navy
Scarf-s treet vendor

Thanks 4 sticking around!!!!  XOXO!!!!

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