Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thank You, no, no, Thank You!!!

Hey everybody!  NJ got hit with a crazy snow storm a few days ago that is not melting any time soon and it seems like we will have another one on monday.  Driving in the snow stinks and all the black ice can be dangerous, but when it was coming down I enjoyed it.  Me, my boyfriend, and friend Tamera and her boyfriend were bored after being stuck in the house for almost 2days we all ventured out and took some great pics!  They are NOT fashionable what so ever!!!!  So I wanted to take sometime to thank all of you for following my blog.  I am up to 11 folowers and that means a lot to me cause I try to put as much in it as possible!  So thank U thank U!!!  Please keep coming back and pass it along to your friends!!!!!

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