Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gossip about GOSSIP

Maybe you've heard or maybe you haven't!  Maybe you don't kno the band Gossip!  If you don't kno them, then you don't kno their lead singer Beth Ditto.  She's known 4 her incredible style and rocker swagger!  That alone, not just her talented or her loyal followers has landed her a great endorsement deal.  For her own clothing line in one of the most successful plus size shops in the industry.  http://www.evans.com/ .  Not only does Evans ship just about everywhere but they hold a style and a garment for every single one of us plus size girls.  We don't have to wait that long 4 this prestigious event to take off.  We will be able to take part in the "Flying off the Shelves ceremonies" by July.  I am O SO MOS DEFINITELY looking forward to this...i might even fly over there to be up close and personnel!!!

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